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May 2, 2021 8:43 PM
Hey all! Yes I'm still alive. I'm alerting everyone that this website is changing domain names. This doesn't mean too much other than if people wanna keep reading the comic, it is now located at [url=http://www.hybridor.net]www.hybridor.net[/url]

We switched over because it's a lot nicer a domain name, and switching over is easy and cheaper! So to everyone reading this, go to www.hybridor.net and bookmark that for your future reading, as the current one (hybridoronline.com) will be poofing in 5-ish days.

If you forget or don't switch in time, no worries! I will be updating all my social media links to the new site anyway, so if any of you found me on DA or Webtoon, those will have the new url to follow if you enjoyed your experience on this website more. Googling Hybridor might finally throw the new website domain at you sooner than the old one too.

Updates will resume very soon, with an entirely new Prologue/beginning followed by the start of Chapter 5. Can't wait to see you all there again!