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Topic: Re: Voice of the Unheard — Page 1
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D= facefall wtf :) :( :P

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Jun 25, 2022 1:28 PM
Oh thank god, i thought i lost this story too!
Jun 20, 2022 10:05 PM
Thank god that, like the guest that posted on June 13th, I've also checked back here for updates on a near regular basis as well.
Can't wait to see what'll happen next, Ulta!
Jun 15, 2022 12:55 AM
That sounds like the Prologue. Check the archive. It's the first one =) It's finished so now we are on to Chapter 4.
Jun 15, 2022 12:54 AM
Jun 15, 2022 12:54 AM
Pretty hard for me to forget about something that I've been working on for years ^^;;