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Hybridor Comics
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Hybridor is many things. Tangibly, it is an illustrated comic story and a passion project made jointly by Nicole Steinbacher and Jonathan Rivera. You may know them as Ulta and Crisis respectfully. But at it's core, it is an alternate universe. A place we can only imagine as a fictional possibility of a future lifestyle. It is a place where nearly anything you can imagine could probably exist, if only our modern limitations were lifted. The possibilities are well...endless!

The Story
Misty Pridetail is just trying to live a normal first life. And in a world shaped by the hands of the Hybridors, it shouldn't be that hard to do. There's no money here. Technology is so advanced that getting from one side of the universe to the other is near instant. Heck even dying is no big deal! You could just start your second life in the shell of a DPU and keep on living. It's suppose to be perfect here. Right?

But Misty wants change. While others see a universe on the brink of perfection, she sees a future filled with violent-loving creatures who's value of life is slowly slipping away. A future filled with creatures who care more about their social status than they do their treatment of others.

However, she is one against a universe...and has given up trying to make change.

But then one day...that all changes when a weird alien creature named Starlight shows up in her life, and brings with her a change that NO ONE was prepared for...

The Universe
What would our real world be like if we didn't have or need money? What if technology kept growing and growing and became so advanced, that things like traveling to another place anywhere in the universe takes only minutes? What if in that same line, technology could let you have a kid with something not even in your species? Heck let's get crazy and say that DEATH is now something you can avoid all together!

Sounds too out there, and yet, we strive for such a world in real life. But in the Hybridor realm, it is truth. It has been truth for many eons even. And it's all due to the efforts, teachings, and work of the last few remaining beings of an ancient race...The Hybridors. Creatures that has dedicated their lives to progress, evolution, prosperity, and the betterment of all existing creatures. Under their guidance, the universe is at the precipice of perfection. Our ultimate goal.

But is this perfect world...this world that unlocked the secret of immortality...this realm that has reached it's peak...is it really something we should achieve? Is it truly a place we should be striving for?

The universe might have other plans...

This is the story of Hybridor.

User ImageThe Making of HybridorUser Image

On May 25th 2015, both Nicole and Joni decided to just do a fun little text-based roleplay. A year and a half later, and we had something great on our hands. But the world was still so very very young, and needed much refining. So over the course of the next few years, we slowly refined, built, and reworked several elements to the world, including new character designs, more world-building, and an additional story arc that needed to be laid as a foundation so new readers could discover the world properly.

On April 27th 2017, Nicole posted the first page to the Hybridor comic. And now here we are.

About the Creators

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Nicole 'Ulta' Steinbacher

Hi everyone! I'm the artist and creator of the Hybridor IP. Located in the hot muggy state of Florida USA, I work 5 days a week on Hybridor to bring its story to your computer screen. My dream is to bring Hybridor to life for all readers through my average artistic abilities, and hope to be able to bring it to it's conclusion within my lifetime. I want Hybridor to be my job. Working on this project has brought me a purpose in life. Something that I can leave behind and be remembered for long after I perish. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am having making it!

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Jonathan 'Crisis' Rivera

Ello everyone. I'm the co-creator of Hybridor. I am pretty much the 'behind the scenes' guy who helps with the script and flow of the story, as well as any future endeavors in this little journey of ours. In other words, you won't really see too much of my influence until Era II of the story. I may not do any of the artwork, but it is still a vastly important project to me and I can't wait to see how you all will react to what is coming in the future!

Other Project Contributors

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Meobik: Misty and Starlight's home planet. Has three large landmasses, and is about 60% ocean.
Torasune: A famous and ancient planet that is known in the history books as the 'final' planet made by the Primordials before they left for the heavens. It is the homeplanet that houses the famous Calas City and home to one of the Hybridors.

Iconic Locations

Calas City: A city located on Torasune's surface. A rather iconic location, it is widely known for it's large shopping and entertainment focus for medium-sized Amphas. It is more commonly known as one of the most powerful political locations, most likely due to the fact that several powerful political figures live there. It's iconic building is the tall tower near the center of the city, which happens to be the home of one of the Hybridors.
The Beacon: A small suspended satellite located at a ever-fixed point in space near Torasune and Meobiks orbit. It was built around the very spot where most believe the Primordials re-entered the heavens after creating the universe. It is a sacred place where only the Hybridors may go, and has old depictions of the Primordials combating with Chaos within its walls. It's the place where selected beings go to become Hybridors.


Ampha: One of two terms used to define what level of intelligence you have. If you are capable of learning, and are smarter than the common parrot, then you are considered an Ampha. It's a common title used to respectfully identify a stranger, used in similar context as sir or ma'am (both of which don't exist).
Feral: A term that describes a creature that bares little intelligence and run mostly on instinct. A typical modern animal like a rat or a lion would be considered a Feral.
Mil: A generalized term that means 'More Animal than Human'. Mil's are one of the most common types of citizens in the Hybridor verse, being a hybrid of animal DNA and human DNA. However, while Mil's still have a humanoid body, there tends to be more animal traits displayed than human, ex. An animal head and tail, or fur covering the body.
Nyra: A generalized term that means 'More Human than Animal'. Nyra can sometimes get confused for Mil's due to still being an animal and human hybrid, but a nyra has more human traits than animal. If you spot a human that retains a human-like face mostly, and has only a few random animal bits like a tail or some horns, that is a nyra.
Ra: A creature that looks like a modern animal, and possesses no human blood within them. This race is growing increasingly rare, and while most are Feral, it is very possible to encounter many different kinds of Ampha-versions, despite their lack of a bloodline with humans.
Cycle: Another word for year.
First Life: Your natural life cycle from birth to death.
Second Life: The life cycle you have after you've died and are put inside a DPU shell.
Comlink: A circular gem-like device that near all denizens of the Hybridor verse wear. It holds personal information on its owner, can second as a phone, can translate other languages, can access the internet, and is needed to use the Portal system. They also have a soul-catching function, where upon death, the comlink will grab and hold onto your soul within itself. It can then be put inside a DPU shell so the owner can start and live out their second life via piloting their DPU.
DPU: Stands for Digital Personality Unit, a DPU is a constructed shell that is used to house a creature who's chosen to live a second life. After death, a comlink that's holding onto it's owner's soul can be placed inside one and allow that creature to continue living via controlling their new DPU body. DPU's can come in all shapes and sizes, and are usually custom-made in advance for the owner to pilot upon their death. They are the key to immortality, if you are willing to endure living without a true sense of taste, touch, or smell.
Primordials: The term given to the 5 divine children that Hybria made to help create the universe.
Hybria: The name of the great goddess that kickstarted the creation of the universe. However, Chaos destroyed her in an age long past, and outside of some select phrases, her name and memory has nearly faded.
Chaos: One of the five Primordials who helped create the universe. It is said it was the most powerful out of all of them, and at some point in history, it went insane and attempted to destroy the universe. It destroyed Hybria in the process, but was ultimately beaten by the other Primordials.
Hybridor: The term Hybridor used to be the name that all created creatures were called, back in the ancient days before Hybria perished. Now, it is the term only given to creatures that have been gifted power and guidance from a Primordial. Only 5 exist at present, and each possesses a unique power that was given to them by their respective Primordial.