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Hybridor Comics
Vadar Ampha'mil (Vadar/Human Hybrid)
Personal Quote:
"Greetings! May I help you?"
Very curious, kind, and friendly. She means well and tries to help whenever possible. She's also quite brave when protecting friends, but when danger faces her alone and she has no goal in mind from the fight, her bravery slips and she becomes scared and cowardly. She's also very naive, and isn't street-smart by any means. She is a quick learner though, and has a good memory. She doesn't have a single aggressive bone in her body, lacking sarcasm and seemingly never gets angry. But don't try to test her limits too much...some really nasty things are rumored to happen if you do so.
Rough Bio:
Starlight is a sheltered but kind creature, mutated slightly from her root species due to a mysterious condition while growing up. She acts more like a 10 year old despite having the body of a mature sentient being. She always seems to be happy, and is always willing to spread that to others around her. Be careful not to upset her though, or else you'll regret it!
Professor Ronan (father figure)
Other Facts:
-Despite having carnivores teeth, she's actually a vegan (doesn't eat meat or animal products willingly).
-She doesn't need to eat or sleep, and will only get tired if she uses her powers excessively...a mystery Ronan is still trying to figure out.
-Her species is a DNA mixture of human and a feral creature called a Vadar, a rare carnivorous feral race of quadruped animal.

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