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Hybridor Comics
Misty Pridetail
Feline Ampha'mil (Human/Lioness hybrid)
Personal Quote:
Headstrong and Tough. These words are only half of what encompasses Misty's persona. She has a silent yet determined spirit, both on and off the track, and though you will rarely see it outwardly, Misty is at her highest when feeling the thrill of adrenaline-pumping speed and freedom. However, over time, this feline has been unwillingly chiselled into a colder creature, who would sooner just stay off in the shadows than actively go and be social or interact with anyone. Being the logical, down-to-earth pessimist she is, she has a HUGE disdain for stupidity and isn't afraid to give you a solid smack if you step out of line. Misty is sometimes cruel with her words as well, usually speaking in a 'I told you so' tone and can appear rather cold-hearted or uncaring without entirely meaning to.

But underneath all that, she is a pearl locked in a shell. If you are lucky enough to befriend her, you will find Misty to be a strong ally and friend who's selfless side becomes more obvious. She is fiercely loyal to anyone lucky enough to get past her barrier, and will be at your back if something were to wrongly harm you. She may have a lot of bark and even a bite, but under all that, she just wants to relax and be around what little good is left in this cruel world.
Kali Pridetail (Mother)
Father Unknown
Other Facts:
-Misty is also an Elmin, a term given to creatures who are born with an element (in her case, Water).
-Although Misty's preferred Gravicore is the light-class Hoverskates, she also owns a heavy-type Hovercycle and a medium-type Hoverboard.
-The ref depicts her casual outfit, but Misty also owns other clothing. She actually wears a hoody and thick clothes when out in the public to try and hide her identity (usually to no success).
-Despite being able to control water, Misty doesn't know how to swim, and even has mild but ironic cases of Aquaphobia!

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