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Kali Pridetail
Feline Ampha'mil (Human/Ragdoll cat hybrid)
Personal Quote:
"Well aren't you just a cutie~"
Just barely shy of being considered an elder, this adult feline is the definition of maturity and wisdom, that at the same time, knows when to have fun. Kali grew up in ideal conditions, with loving responsible parents and a happy upbringing, chiseling her into being super friendly, open-minded, and easily approachable. Many consider her the peak of feminine grace and beauty, both physically and mentally, while often being refered to aging 'like a fine wine'. You can easily approach this woman without fear of her judging you, so if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, Kali will be more than willing to be there for you and help you get through your tough times. Even if you are stranger.
Rough Bio:
Kali isn't without some hardships herself, having gone through one divorce.. But despite such heartbreak, she still manages to find something to smile about. With the natural birth of her daughter Misty, she easily found a reason to keep going and enjoyed the satisfaction of motherhood with the help of some family and friends. Despite hiding loneliness in her heart, Kali has learned how to enjoy the little things in life, and you will 99% of the time always see that smile, grin, or flirty smirk upon her face.
-Misty Pridetail (daughter)
-Lydus Pridetail (ex-husband)
Other Facts:
-Kali isn't quite a contortionist, but her ragdoll cat genes still let's her be rather bendy and flexible in movement.
-Although she is retired, Kali will still occasionally be seen riding gravicores with her daughter, usually with hoverskates.
-It's rumored that Kali's infamous closet has a portal in it that takes you to where her stash of cosplaying outfits truly is. It's not been prove yet though!
-Kali is currently single, although she did has a husband at one point. She is definitely keeping her eyes out for a new potential spouse, though her methods of doing so annoys her daughter immensely.

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